Lott Oil is a regional leader in fuels, lubricants, and related products and services for industrial, commercial fleet, automotive, and retail customers throughout Louisiana and East Texas. We provide a variety of leading brands as well and competitively priced products, and the convenience of one stop shopping for what you need when you need it.

By combining broad product selection with some of the best trained and experienced personnel in the south, Lott Oil Company provides unparalleled service and support. We deliver bulk and package retail and wholesale fuel and lubricants including major brands where needed, and provide the only authorized "Extreme Diesel" offering in the area to assure our customer's engines run clean, lean, and long.

We offer a complete line of ancillary products like absorbents, cleaners, filters, and greases, along with access to a full line of field and shop equipment-pumps, tanks, nozzles and hoses that can be loaned, leased, or purchased depending upon your company's long term needs.

Our distribution centers are strategically located throughout North and Central Louisiana, assuring on time delivery and a consistent voice on the other end of the line when needed. Lott Oil is committed to meeting your needs with superior service. Let us know how we can help you today.

Rely On Lott Oil Company

Your source for bulk fuel and industrial lubricant in Natchitoches, LA, North Louisiana, East Texas and South Arkansas

Looking for leading brands of oil and lubricant? In need of bulk delivery for your business? Look no further than Lott Oil Company.

Lott Oil is a regional leader in fuels, lubricants and related products for industrial and commercial clients throughout Louisiana and East Texas. We deliver bulk fuel and lubricants where they're needed, so you can get your work done and serve your customers.

Call 318-352-2055 now to find out how we can take care of your fuel needs in Natchitoches, LA, North Louisiana, East Texas and South Arkansas.

Bulk fuel where it's needed most

A regular oil company may have the fuels and lubricants you need, but how quickly can they deliver? Few of them have distribution centers strategically placed throughout the Louisiana and East Texas regions.

When you order from Lott Oil of Natchitoches, LA, East Texas and South Arkansas you can expect a quick delivery. We have the ability to ship whatever you need from your closest distribution location. That way, you get your delivery faster than you would with other companies.

Speak to a representative now to place an order and see how quickly we can meet your needs.

See what we have to offer

What can Lott Oil offer you and your customers? Here are just a few of our products:

  • Bulk gasoline and other fuels
  • Industrial lubricant for machinery
  • "Extreme diesel" - clean and efficient diesel fuel
We also have a wide range of cleaners, filters and greases. In addition, you can find pumps, tanks, nozzles and hoses for loan, lease or purchase. Visit our contact page to send us a message about your specific needs and we'll take care of you.